I don't wish to rain on anyone's parade, especially now since we have so much to cheer about, bur let's look a couple of assumptions that seem to have become gospel throughout the web-o-sphere. Disclaimer: I am a Latino man of color. There are many reasons why Romney screwed the pooch, not the least of which was surrounding himself with a bunch of lying liars, people who have such a cynical view of the American electorate that they truly believe that any claptrap emanating from their candidate is going to be bought whole cloth by the public.

 For a number of people who receive the major part of their information from them Fox News and their counterparts on the AM radio dial, this holds true, since it has been shown that those folks are the lowest information voters perhaps on the planet.

On the left, their is much celebration at the near record turnout of Latino, African-American, Asian and women that showed up at the polls and took advantage of early and absentee voting. The ability to vote early  and far from one's precinct, no doubt added to the cushion that President Obama and his campaign needed to win this thing.

 Big money made its' presence known throughout the election season, and we should be thankful that we dodged a bullet in the presidential and senate races, but its presence was felt in many of the state and local races.While we can be proud that the first openly gay woman was elected to the U.S. Senate, and New Hampshire has the only Democratic Governor who is a women.

 We can hoot and holler about the turnout of the non-traditional voter, or paraphrasing O'Reilly on his show, the non-white, non old white guy vote, but we must not be lulled by this fact. The right-wing shriek machine is already spinning their ass-kicking; Rove is quoted on Fox, that Obama won because he somehow suppressed by pointing out the flaws in his candidate. All that set aside, I believe that the singular reason that the President won this time around is the same reason he won the first time, and that reason is the message.

 The people are changing, their brothers, sisters, and their friends are gay, so they view homophobia as directly attacking the people they love and care for. Their friends are Dreamers, with whom they have shared their classrooms, an attack on them is an attack on their friends. Some of their very good friends are non-white, and they see attacks on them as attacks on their friends and lovers. And finally, they too may have had to collect unemployment, been on food stamps, are upside down on their mortgages, and are working two, sometimes three jobs to put food on the table.

 They also realized that with a Republican Administration, the health care maze would be that much harder to navigate. So, yes, the turnout by the so-called non-traditional voter may have been outstanding, it was the message that made that turnout possible. It behooves the Democratic Party to realize that not only must they continue to register new voters and get voters out to vote, it is too important a point to miss...it is the Message, that affected the the election this time around. Now we must turn that message into a reality, not only on the Federal level, but at the state and local levels where big money has the largest influence

 There are thirty Republican Governors going into 2013, the largest number ever, they are in a position to apply brakes to any progressive gains made in this election, that is the next front.

 So let's get ready for the next round...!

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