Those words were hard for me to write.  I have been very critical and skeptical for so long.  Yet, given the reality of our world I think we have done reasonably well.  If you were to collect all the pessimistic forecasts during this campaign, for example, we have done miracles.  I rejoined the Democratic Party for this campaign and have no regrets.  My critique of the two party system from a systems point of view has not changed.  It is what stabilizes the plutocracy.  I am a non-violent revolutionary.  I try to use ideas learned from Ghandi and MLK.  Thus the way to our revolution has to be more like the velvet revolutions in Europe.  Capitalism is a system that thrives on growth.  Growth is not what we need now.  Sandy made that clear and if you still don't believe wait a year or so. (The wait will be very costly).  So now as the pundits point out the coming struggle in the republican party I am ready for our struggle.  If the regressive parts of our party are allowed to hold us back it is your children and future generations that will pay the price.  Think about that and read on below.

There are very few options if any at this point.  If you do not see that you have not been living in the real world.  The list of our very pressing problems is long.  Politics tends to ignore them.  We have to change that.  We are at a turning point.  Can we pay attention finally?

We need jobs.  Those jobs have to be jobs that build a future sustainable society integrated with a global world in flux.  That is a very tall order!

We need to help those who will be hit again and again and again and again.....by things like Sandy.

We need to stop the poisoning of our soil, our food and the oceans, rivers and lakes.

These are not options!
 If you need a weatherman to see the way the wind is blowing you are the problem!

Originally posted to don mikulecky on Fri Nov 09, 2012 at 03:07 PM PST.

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