This Petraeus incident was no accident! You know it, I know it and now the world knows it!

All thanks to Fox News!

So here's what really happened! And guess who was right in the middle of it?

Did you say, "Barack Obama?"


Here's how it all went down...

Obama knew that Petraeus could not be corrupted (unlike nearly every other corrupt Obama appointee especially Eric Holder) and that's why Obama made Petraeus head of the CIA because Obama believes in "keeping your enemies closer" plus Petraeus rose to prominence under George Bush and Dick Cheney who were incorruptible so Obama sent in this Mata Hari Paula Broadwell to tempt Petraeus into a sexual relationship after first spiking Petraeus' U.S. Military Issue canteen with an aphrodisiac personally supplied by Obama who then blackmailed Petraeus with a videotape of the tryst in order to get Petraeus to "resign" (yeah, right!) just days before Petraeus' scheduled testimony where he would tell the truth about how Obama had plotted with Muslim extremists to attack the U.S. diplomatic outpost in Benghazi along with attacking the U.S. ambassador and others because the ambassador was about to reveal that Obama is in fact a secret Muslim bent on destroying America from within of which Obamacare was his first step with its death panels and FEMA-built "detention centers" where God-fearing Constitution-loving American patriots would have their guns confiscated by Obama's storm troopers and then be held against their will (like that one Mitt Romney rally in Pennsylvania because let's face it Romney was also an Obama plant) until such time as Obama has dismantled all of our freedoms and destroyed the constitution.

I can't believe you can't see that! It's right in front of your stinkin' faces! Idiots!

THANK YOU FOX NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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