This has been commented on before, but, listening to Obama's live broadcast on the fiscal cliff, and hearing how the media parrot what he said, I cannot refrain.  And, yes, I suppose it's honeymoon time and all this wonderfullness is just to much to let go of, but I don't care.

What I'm talking about is how Obama describes his tax plan as increasing taxes on those (or those families) who earn more than $250,000/year.  THAT MISREPRESENTS HIS PLAN AND IT FRAMES HIS PLAN IN THE WORST POSSIBLE WAY (although I suppose he could just say he wants to tax rich people to show them what for).  

According to his plan, INCOMES, NOT FAMILIES OR INDIVIDUALS will be taxed more.  In other words, EVERYBODY - EVERY FAMILY - GETS A TAX BREAK.  Those making more than the cut off pay more on that amount over the cut off.

Some will say that's too nuanced.  Well, I'm not one to give the American people too much credit (or any at all for that matter) for being able to get nuance, but what about simply saying "EVERYBODY GETS A TAX BREAK ON UP TO $250,000 IN INCOME AND INCOME ABOVE THAT IS TAXED A BIT MORE"?  I cannot imagine anyone not understanding that and,if they do, to hell with all three of them.

Why does this matter?  It matters because it makes the Repubs approach even more reprehensible.  It matters because it accurately portrays the policy as more fair.  It also doesn't play into the hands of those shouting "class warfare."

What is wrong with Obama and his supposedly snap communications staff that they cannot get this right?  Once again they hand the Repubs a frame that suits the Repubs instead of the Dems or the people.  If this is how Obama is going to start off his second term, it bodes poorly for the next four years.  Next thing we know, entitlements will be on the table and Obama will be pre-capitulating on the fiscal cliff.  I hope I'm wrong.  Time will tell.

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