A nearly delerously happy Rachel Maddow was interviewed last night by Stephen Colbert after not sleeping for two days after hosting MSNBC's all night election coverage. Stephen brought uproarious laughs when he called her show the "Conservative Dream Killing Machine." Huffington Post's Rachel Maddow On 'Colbert Report': Election Was Day 'When The Facts Have A Liberal Bias' gives us an account:

"The people at Fox seemed more freaked out than you guys seemed elated," Colbert remarked. "Why weren't you doing the end zone dance?"

It's not in this article, but Stephen asked if Chris Matthews was running around with a lamp shade on his head, but then noted that there wouldn't be a shade big enough.

Rachel then responded:

"I think the difference between the two sides is that the right talked themselves into the idea that it was going to be a Romney landslide based on, I don't know," Maddow replied. She said that people like Karl Rove had projected a Romney win based on "enthusiastic crowds" and their "gut" feelings.

"Turned out to be a bad way to predict the election," she said.

Later, Colbert turned to her show, which he called a "conservative dream killing machine."

"I don't want to kill anyone's dreams," Maddow said, laughing, "But I do feel like there's an important role to play in disabusing people of their fantasies that do not comport with what's going on in the real world."

One of Rachel's best lines was, "This is one of those days when the facts have a liberal bias."

Isn't it great how an fantastic election victory like this evokes feel-good news from every corner? President Obama, and victorious politicians are not the only ones that can celebrate. These occasions also become celebration points where we notice the advancing success of so many others that are part of an emerging progressive "bubble" -- but a bubble of reality, not one of delusional fantasy.

Congratulations to Rachel Maddow whose career has blossomed in the last four years along with many other emerging progressive heros, such as Nate Silver, and our own Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga. (Please check this out - Thank You Markos, and Daily Kos Writers, and Readers Who Have Built This Powerful Democratic Voice

5:59 PM PT:

Here's a link to the video on the Colbert site. The above is supposed to be an embedded video which I am keeping up to figure out how to get it to work.

Rachel Maddow Is Sleepless and Gleeful on the Colbert Report

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