Fox News hasn't rested on their collective laurels. The propoganda spin machine continues to spew conspiracy theories as to how in the world Obama could have been re-elected. (It couldn't possibly be because of Obama's ground game or Romney's incessant Political Tourette's.)

Fox's latest delegate is a Boston-based Tea Party loving radio talk show host named Michael Graham. Counterargument was provided by Julie Roginsky, a Democratic consultant and Fox News political contributor. Megyn Kelly of Fox News [legs fame] hosted the discussion.

(Special Note: As you're watching the video, pay attention to Roginsky's glossy-eyed non-responsive non-reaction to Graham's vile comments):

Video Transcript:

Kelly: "In this kind of divided country, could any president walk in right now with a mandate?"

Graham: "Absolutely! A president who ran on something, who said 'here's my affirmative goal, other than raising taxes on millionaires & billionaires, it's the one thing he was clear on,.. if he had an affirmative goal, he could run on it. But he didn't run on an affirmative campaign. He ran on 'The Republicans are satan incarnate, and if women vote for any of them, they're going to be forced into rape camps.' And when that's your campaign, you can't be suprised when people you ran against don't want to work with you, and you don't have an issue to rally people around. I challenge my guests: 'Name one thing President Obama campaigned on that we can all rally around.' Give me one."

Roginsky: "Well, I'll tell you right now one of the many things he ran on that we can... maybe you can't rally around it but the people certainly have, it's to uphold ObamaCare. That... people clearly sent a message about that. To have a fair tax system, the people clearly sent a message about that. And so on and so forth. The man had a record to run on for the past four years. If the voters had rejected that record, he wouldn't be going back to The White House. But if you want to keep this up, and you want to keep talking about the fact that Barack Obama is, you know, an illegitimate president, then you guys are going to keep losing elections."

A friend's response: "[Seishin], don't call me up & make up some ridiculous bullshit like that! Because no thinking Republican woud go on television and say anything like that!"

We're in agreement.

If it's uncouth to wear white after Labor Day, it's certainly out of bounds for Republican rape chatter after the election.

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