Tuesday was election day. This is schadenfreude Saturday.

  • The slow descent into madness that was the election night Twitter stream of Dick Morris. Here's the bitter end:
    If we lose NH, Col, Iowa, and Nevada, we lose even if we carry Ohio and Fla

    we really could win Fla, Ohio, NC, Va, and Col and win the ellection

    watch Colorado. If we win Fla and Ohio and Va it will come down to Colorado

    Florida just closed to a 18,000 Obama lead It had been 50,000. Looks better

    Ohio closed well from a big marfgin in early voting to a 2 pt obama lead with still 1/3 left to count. good sign

    It may all come down to Col

    dont give up!

    That was at about 10:45. He went silent after that. How surprising.
  • Last night in the State of Washington, Republican Rob McKenna conceded the Governor's race to his Democratic opponent, Congressman Jay Inslee:
    Campaign manager Randy Pepple told reporters Friday night that McKenna called Democrat Jay Inslee to congratulate him. Inslee had steadily held a 51 percent advantage in the race as ballots were counted this week.

    The decision brings to end one of the most watched, most expensive gubernatorial races in the country. The two candidates and outside political groups raised and spent some $40 million in the race.

    Washington is fortunate to have avoided a Scott Walker clone masquerading as a moderate in the Governor's mansion in Olympia.
  • You know by now that Mitt Romney was 'shellshocked' about his shellacking at the hands of President Obama, but here's a particular nugget:
    Their emotion was visible on their faces when they walked on stage after Romney finished his remarks, which Romney had hastily composed, knowing he had to say something.

    Both wives looked stricken, and Ryan himself seemed grim. They all were thrust on that stage without understanding what had just happened.

    Romney was so confident he was going to win that he didn't even prepare a concession speech. You know what that invokes...the wrath from high atop the thing.
  • We keep on talking about the impending civil war in the conservative movement, but maybe a loss to a black incumbent president whom they viewed as weak and easy to beat will shake them up. Problem? They can't try to moderate and make inroads among women, youth and minorities without alienating their base.
  • And by that, I mean the base that gets riled up by racist and sexist attacks like these that we saw during the 2012 election cycle.

  • So what's the dyed-in-the-wool conservative reaction to all this? The same answer they had for marriage equality, when they tried to drive a wedge on the issue between African Americans and the Democratic base. Except now, it's about inciting black-on-brown racial hatred:

    Over 70 percent of black voters believe that immigration is too high. Conservatives already need to learn to speak to urban voters; why not start with the most-churched members of the city? Just like your core of Midwestern working-class whites, they believe themselves to be part of an American core that is destabilized by mass immigration. It is time to reach out to them, to assure them that you will make immigration work for all Americans, that the interests of America’s oldest minority will not be lost in the America to come. That seems like the natural task of a conservative to me.
    So, conservatives are currently theorizing that the best way to win over minorities isn't to stop hating them. Instead it's to get one minority to join with white people in hating other minorities. Lovely!
  • The Romney campaign's most massive failure? Project ORCA. I can't even quote from this. You'll just have to read it.
  • From Slate, a series of Drudge Report headlines throughout election night as it became increasingly clear that the President had earned a second term. If facts are inconvenient, just don't report them.
  • This is why Republicans want to suppress the votes of women and minorities.
  • A map of a sampling of geocoded racist hate tweets in response to Obama's reelection. One guess as to the states where the highest concentrations could be found.
  • And to conclude...Rachel Maddow's righteous rant about the fact-free conservative bubble.

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