So we fought back against the tide of GOTP voter suppression tactics this year and won.  Did we win because we got those tactics overturned?  In some cases yes, but more often the courts said the tactics were okay, but they would have been implemented too close to this election - so you have to wait to implement them until the next election.  Not so good, but we have time to fight them again now, right?

Time?  We may have the time for now, but do we have the will in the absence of an immediate threat?  I don't think so.  Plus, the GOTP has a lot of power at the state and local level - do we have the mojo and the money to fight that?  Finally, there is the perception that in fighting the draconian voter ID laws what we really want is to enable voter fraud!  We've all heard the statement, "I have to show ID to write a check, why is it so bad to show ID to vote?"  We all know the downside isn't providing at least some sort of ID, it's that the class of people that are most likely to not be able to afford the time off work, can't get to the remote office during reduced hours, may not have a birth certificate, &c. are the elderly, the poor, and so on - mostly groups that would tend to vote progressive.

So, if we're less likely to be sucessful in repealing the upcoming laws or fighting the new ones the GOTP now certainly feels more empowered to enact, what can we do?

How about we take the money and the effort we would have put into fighting the laws and put those resources instead into helping people get the IDs they need to vote?  It would eliminate the perception of fraudulent intent and help more people feel more confident in their ability to exercise their right to vote.  At the same time effort could be put into creating systems to get people to the polls on election day and to remind the general public how important it is to check that someone hasn't dropped them from the rolls - sure, we know to check, but most people don't.

It would also help to keep the idea and the importance of voting fresh in peoples' minds - something we're going to need to get more people to the polls in off year and local elections.  I'm no voting expert, but didn't we actually win this one because we were better at getting out the vote?  Okay, Romney was a dick and PBO got a boost out of that, but does anyone think the GOTP is not starting right now to improve their GOTV systems?

This is sort of off the cuff, and I'm not experienced in organizing or fund raising, so I don't really have any idea how to pull this off.  Perhaps someone will share a brilliant idea in the comments ...

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