Random thoughts on "Real Time," tonight:

Bill -- if you're going to have conservatives on, please pick ones with a shred of intelligence (and no, S.E. Cupp, wearing glasses won't do it).

Andrew Sullivan never learns.  Yes, he loves Obama and is elated (good thing he didn't step entirely off that ledge.)  But Andrew -- Boehner is not "conciliatory" and you did not do the "right thing" when you voted for Reagan twice.

Was Sam Jackson the "New Black Panther" standing in front of the polls who starred on Fox on election day?  I say 60/40 he was.

Best line: "I know why the women are happy.  Your uteruses are safe for four years."

You cannot watch Carville without thinking of Bill Hader.  (Carville and Stefan -- what range!)

Great "In Memoriam for Douchebags" -- Farewell to Todd Akin, Scott Brown, Richard Mourdock, et al. and Mitt Romney.

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