I went over to read the Redstate.com site (yes I know, I need to shower now) and it is hilarious. They are all about throwing Mitt Romney under the bus - wasn't he their nominee, survivor of the crap-throwing fest known as the GOP primary? - and doubling down on conservative issues.

Seriously, doubling down. They wave away their demographics problem by claiming Democrats have a demographic issue of their own: the "white voter" problem. It's just stunning how out of touch they are. The refusal to objectively and honestly analyze the election results... if anything, the bubble they shield themselves in grows even thicker!

Let's just say, I'm hoping they do follow that advice. Double down, aggressively pursue the rapist voter demographic, purge their party even more than Josef Stalin would have. Hahaha I'd feel pity but I don't care; we've got plenty of issues to tackle. They clearly don't want to listen to the advice already offered up.

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