The Reason Romney lost?

Well, The Republican party of course.

Alas, the bulk of my talk was criticism of the Republican Party. If Mitt Romney loses, I told them, it will be largely the fault of the party. As I spelled out the details, nary a creature was stirring. It was painfully quiet. Even my best jokes fell flat. Hey, guys, that was funny!
Now she talks about political bubble, but she should also consider the DC journalists bubble, for when she states
The truth is, Romney was better than the GOP deserved. Party nitwits undermined him, and the self-righteous tried to bring him down.
Equally damaging were the primary leeches who embarrassed the party and wouldn’t leave the stage. Nine-nine-nine, we’re talking about you, Herman Cain. And Gov. Oops? You, too. And then there were Rick Santorum and Michele Bachmann,
Then they really have not understood what a hold the radical right have on the Republican party. Reagan embraced the crazies, now the crazies run party policy.
Marginalize or banish those who in any way make African Americans, gays, single women or any other human being feel unwelcome in a party that cherishes the values of limited government, low taxes and freedom.
Or another way of putting that; come and join us to the left of the Democratic Party, as that pretty much what we have been saying for years.

Nothing wrong with limited government. low taxes and freedom, but first you have to deal with the crown jewel of the center right, the MIC. Then you have to deal with the surveillance society and the two party duopoly.

This election was about the center, and the center won, as it always does; no matter how often the they call Obama a commie.

The real reasons Romney lost is:

1] The Republican Party is stuck in the 1680's

2] He was an awful candidate of an awful party.

3] The Republican Party is not the party of small government, it is the Party of the plutocracy however.

Talking about bubbles.

The bubble in which most politicians and their staffs live is not just a metaphor, apparently
Same goes for the MSM.

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