Okay, so pretty much everyone I know knows that I am doing National Novel Writing Month this month and most of you know that I am struggling with my word count (nothing new for me toward the beginning of the month) though technical hiccups are driving me absolutely mad, and I am thinking of writing the whole thing on my phone as my netbook/tablet thing is not allowing me to download the application that I need/want to get things done.  Though I will fight with it when I get home due to the fact that trying to connect wirelessly here at the library is proving to be a fruitless task.  

Currently my word count is sitting at just a bit more than 3000 words, but I have some things flowing and am working on getting it up to where I need to be.  I will be forcing my document to load to google docs when I get home and if I need to write the damned thing on my phone and then update it via google docs to ensure that it gets done, and using google docs will also let me use FloridaSNMom or FloridaSNDad's laptops and still get things written when I am not fighting with the netbook/tablet thing, and things of that nature.  

I've still got my notebook which is proving a valuable tool and actually very good for me writing when I don't feel like staring at a computer screen or whatever.  

Today, I went to a write in, and what did I accomplish, maybe about a thousand words and a headache from fighting with the damned tablet (there will be caffine on my way out of the library to help remedy that situation).  

For now, I am seriously going to get off the computer and start writing a bit more, but we shall see.  I am loving the scene that I'm writing now.

Also, probably tomorrow morning if you go here: Simplicity - NaNoWriMo I may have an excerpt put up there and you can read a little bit of my novel, Songs of the Aether.  

For now, I have a pen screaming at me to use it and begin writing once more.  Though, my time is rapidly dwindling before my bus gets here to take me home, where I will probably find a quiet corner in the bedroom with FloridaSNMom and write a bit more with my music playing in my ears.

This novel doesn't yet have a proper soundtrack, but it just might soon at this rate.

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