All the talk this week has been about how much money Karl Rove's super-pac, American Crossroads GPS, threw away on Tuesday's elections, but one group actually got less bang for its buck than Turd Blossom's did - and that's the NRA. Rove's group got a 1.29% return on its investment, while the NRA got an even more dismal 0.82%.

Now, while it is true that the NRA did back 28 down-ballot winners this go-around, that was mostly chump-change compared to the millions of dollars it wasted on more high-profile races (like the presidency). It turns out that, dollar-for-dollar, the NRA flushed most of its money right down the proverbial toilet.

Take a look:

It spent $7,442,253.99 to defeat Barack Obama.

It spent $1,892,203.35 to elect Romney.

It spent $537,673.92 to elect the loser of the Indiana Senate race, Richard Mourdock.

It spent $512,042.89 to defeat Sherrod Brown.

It spent $288,174.05 to defeat Bill Nelson.

It spent $287,452.37 to defeat Tim Kaine.

It spent $219,090.92 to defeat Claire Mccaskill.

It's unfortunate that the organization did manage to back 28 candidates who will be there to vote in favor of its pernicious and ridiculous agenda, but at least it's nice to know that so much of its cold-hard cash was wasted in the process.

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