I am not a programmer, and I don't have the time to program a site even if I was. But I was thinking, after having waiting in line for almost 3 hours (2.66 to be exact), and after having heard Obama say in his speech that waiting in line for several hours needs to be fixed, I was thinking a way to get things moving was if there was a way for people to report how long they waited in line, so we could get a map displaying such information so people in high places can see what we normal-folk had to deal with.

I was thinking a quick poll of questions such as:

1) How did you vote? (menu selector for Early, early absentee-in-person (we have that here in Virginia), on Election day)
2) At what time of the day did you get in line to vote? (menu selector with options for Before Work 6AM-9AM, Pre-Lunch 9AM-11AM, Lunch 11AM-1PM, Post-Lunch 1PM-4PM, After Work 4PM-8PM)
3) In which state/location are you location? (menu selector for state/DC)
4) In which county? (menu selector for county)
5) How long did you wait to vote?

Then after aggregating the data there would be maps to display overall wait times (by state, with state-zoom-view option to see the county data), and then to see how long wait times were by time of day.

Good idea? Bad idea? I don't think our politicians have any idea of how bad the situation is, so we need a good, graphical way of letting them know.

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