This is a message I put on Facebook but I want everyone to see it.

The election is over, and it didn't really go the way I wanted it to go as people like Bachman, Cantor and McConnell (I know he didn't have to run this year) are still in Congress. It should not have been that close and Obama should not have won with the non-white vote only. Non-whites know they are being screwed.  I think the President won because he is a much better man than Romney and he did a decent job, given the avalanche he inherited.  I blame the Obama team and the President and have tweeted it to David Axelrod and Debbie Wasserman Schultz a few times for not getting the truth out about the who caused the debt because it wasn't the President. If I was told and believed, as many who voted for Romney were told and believed, that Obama either caused the $16T of our National Debt or even raised it from $10T to $16T I wouldn't vote have voted for him either. Their message was not explanatory enough, and did nothing to explain the 30 year lie about Trickle Down Econ. We need a national conversation about economics, fairness, taxes and the sucking of all the assets out of the United States, where soon there will be no jobs left here. It is unacceptable not to have those conversations. What makes it difficult is that too many Americans allow flamers like Limbaugh, Coulter, Hannity etc to camouflage logic and instead shoot us up with hate, fear and false equivalences.

The National Debt was $1T when Reagan took over. We were promised that lowering the tax rate from 70% to 28% would create more tax revenue than the Treasury needed. Their revolutionary tax policies caused a mini recession in 1987 when people realized that the tax cuts did not create economic activity in this country and it created lots more debt. Even Reagan had to raise rates and so did Bush and even with that, the two of them quadrupled the debt. Nice snow job but you’d think it would have stopped after Bush 41 was rejected. The argument on the other side is always it was the Democratic Congress and they passed all the entitlements. Well, they actually lowered Social Security by extending the qualifying age but all the other entitlements that were in effect before those trickle down plans were made in the first place were always there and that should have been part of the calculation that led to promises of prosperity by a 42% drop in tax rates on the wealthy. They blamed the same welfare mothers who were chronically on welfare for decades before Reagan and still the debt was only $1Trillion from Washington to Jimmy Carter.

So after Reagan and Bush41 the debt was over $4.2T (Quadruple the amount by the first 39 administrations) and ultimately causing huge interest rates to be paid by Clinton, $1.7Trillion over 8 years (just on the Reagan/Bush $3.2T increase) or an average of $220 billion extra interest per year. So that took the $4.2T of Debt to $5.9T. Clinton actually reduced the Debt by $200 Billion so W inherited a $5.7T debt.

The day W left office the debt was $10.6T but the Cancer was still alive because only 1 year later, before Obama could do anything, the Debt was $12.3T. Add to that the 2 wars, avalanche style unemployment (causing increasing UI, Medicare, food stamps) and less tax revenue. At the same time traitorous CEOs like Romney, Immelt, Chambers of Cisco and jobs of Apple took millions of jobs from America and Trillions of tax revenue and many of them did it illegally, hiding income in foreign companies with fraudulent "foreign pricing" techniques. Who needs to buy an Apple if they are so expenses and all made by Foxconn in China? That’s not my idea of an American Company. Coke, stashed their recipe and Corp headquarters and avoided US Corp Tax by opening an office in Zurich with one phone.

So, our $16T of Debt that Romney and the Republicans blame Obama for had nothing to do with him. All he could do was stabilize the avalanche that Bush caused and his father and Reagan started. If anybody can use real logic and tell me what policies Obama instituted that added a penny to that $16T debt other than TARP or unfortunately succumbing to the hostage taking by McConnell and Cantor and extended the Bush tax cuts, tell us. Please tell us and set us straight. Please Please Please.

So, let's hear some of the ideas that people will tell their representatives to work on, especially from Republicans. I do it. I write to Schumer, Gillibrand and Steve Israel all the time. I want the Bush tax cuts gone forever, except for the middle class tax cuts. I want a graduated increase in the tax rates, as 2 teachers earning $130K each should not be in the same tax bracket as Lebron James and John Paulson who earn tens of millions and billions every year. Let those who earn of $250K pay 1% more only on their income over $250K. Those earning a million should pay 3% more for income over a million and for those earning over $20M, they should pay 5% more or 40% on their income over $20M. The 0% rate (which most people don't even know exists) and 15% rate on dividends and Priv Equity should be gone forever and the Capital Gains rate should go up to 20% and the Long Term rate should start with a 3 year holding period. You want a discount for those creating industry. Opening a Staples chain by killing every small office supply store in the nation is creating nothing and redistributing wealth to the billionaires. Alternative min tax should be abolished and money and assets moved out of the US should be taxed at the estate tax rate. The IRS should be given lots more resources to audit huge companies for "Foreign Pricing" frauds and money hidden in overseas accounts.
What are the ideas from Republicans? I would love to see some logical answers from Republicans, unlike Romney Ryan BS we've seen for the last year.

PLEASE LINK THIS if you are on Twitter, as everyone needs to have these conversations and everyone must know the history. The Democrats and smart and caring Republican politicians should be doing this, not me.

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