The CEO of Pappa Johns, John Schnatter, and other like minded CEO's have been Revenge Firing, or if they have not yet begun to fire their employees, have stated they would if Obama won the election.

We can highlight the difference once again between the Democrats and Republicans and use their disgusting behavior against them. Let's show the American worker that Republicans love to fire, and Democrats love to hire. Under K.I.S.S. rules let us call it:

Republicans fire, democrats hire

I say we work together to help first locate and identify workers who have been fired by these Revenge Firings. Then we could help these workers through a number of different ways.

1) The best option IMO would be for those progressives who live near the fired workers and own their own companies to at the very least interview the workers. If there are any jobs available in your company that the worker is qualified for and you have extra room to hire that worker then hire them as simple as that. Oh but do not forget to mention that you are a Democrat and that you are sorry that their previous boss was a republican who liked to fire. If you can't hire then follow on to the next number of ideas.

2) Create funds, send letters, give out information to get them hired at better local companies. Push famous progressive voices that can hire these workers to hire them.

3) The fantasy option would be to get progressive money into creating competitive companies to fight against any company that mistreats their employees. By paying living wages and actually being a company that respects your workers we could steal most, if not all of the workers from the original conservative run companies. The added bonus would be an influx of progressively owned money and for these workers they would be paid and treated well.

If you have any other ideas or additions you would like to make please share.

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