I'm watching reactions to the upcoming 'fiscal cliff' and it strikes me that universally the news will get a Republican response and then talk about how the President will respond. The President. Not the Democratic position and how the President will negotiate between the two sides. I believe this always puts a progressive response at a disadvantage and we didn't vote for that.

Where is the Democratic response?  Where are our leaders in Congress? Can we finally acknowledge that a majority of Americans doesn't want our FICA contributions robbed to pay for a tax cut or the Defense budget? That we didn't vote to force rape victims to have babies by government decree? Would it be that hard to have a Democratic response to these talks at the same time we hear he Republican one?

It's not that the President doesn't want a lot of the same things, but Democrats are not Republicans and do not work from the same play book from the top down. Why not let the President be the 'compromiser-in-chief' if the compromise is between actual progressive policies and the right-wing/corporate group think? Push him left!

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