I'm wondering, if now President Obama is a two term President, will news reporters and other pundits start referring to President Obama with the title the office of President of these United States deserves?
I, for one, am downright(pun intended) disgusted with these partisan reporters and commentators referring to the President as Mr. Obama or Barack Obama. His title is "President Obama". and people should be called out when they refer to him by first name or Mr.
People who want a Constitutional Amendment regarding the proper respect for a piece of cloth with Stars and Stripes that was sewn when there were only 13 stars, continue to show disrespect toward our country and the position of Commander in Chief. On ships where the commanding officer is a Lieutenant Commander in rank, he is still referred to as Captain and treated as such by his crew.
I would love to hear of Bill O'Reilly being corrected next time he refers to the President in less than respectful terms.
You may not believe in his politics or skin color,(I say this because I believe color plays a large part), but you damn well should show the respect our duly elected leader, President Barack H. Obama, is entitled to.

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