As many of you are probably aware, Papa John (i.e. Papa John's CEO John Schnatter) is extremely concerned about the fact that the Affordable Care Act will add $0.14 to the cost of one of his pizzas. (If you've ever traveled abroad, you'll know that American pizzas are already the cheapest in the world.)

Well, I felt Papa should be looking for solutions, and not just whining. You know, like good leaders are taught to do in expensive MBA courses.

Here's my email to Papa -- and his second in command -- in which I respectfully suggest if he wants to stop being Dr. Papa, he immediately start supporting 'Medicare for All' instead of complaining to the media:


While I used to purchase pizza at Papa John's, I will no longer be purchasing any food items from your stores. I have also let all of my friends and family know of this decision and its importance. By not providing those individuals who make your pizza with affordable health care you are complicit in the creation of a public health hazard. Across the country, sick employees with neither insurance nor paid sick days come to your stores and make pizza on a daily basis.

John, I understand your concerns about providing health care for employees -- were I a business owner I would not want to be involved in health care either. You're a pizza guy, not a doctor. Therefore, instead of whining about $0.14/pizza, why don't you invest your energy, personality and brand in demanding single payer, 'Medicare for All' social health insurance for all Americans?

True leaders provide solutions, not just complaints. If you really care about both the cost of your pizzas and the care of your employees (and I'm not so sure your record indicates that you do care about your employees all that much), you will immediately call for health care to be provided by the government, and not capricious employers like yourself. Such a policy would absolve you of your responsibility to provide insurance for employees and would also level the playing field between your own business and other restaurants in terms of employment costs.

In short, at the very least, you have a moral and ethnical obligation as a restauranteur to immediately put an end to the public health crisis that you are currently perpetuating by not providing adequate medical care or paid sick days to your employees.

Looking forward to your reply, and your solutions.

A Former Customer,

Do you have your own message for Papa? You can call or write him yourself:
John Schnatter Chairman and CEO Email: John.Schnatter@papajohnspizza.com 502-261-7272

Secondary Contact Lance Tucker Senior Vice President Email: Lance.Tucker@papajohnspizza.com 502-261-7272

Last, but not least, here's a good 'Medicare for All' site that could help Papa learn more about the benefits of quitting his health care job.

And, just for fun, Mitt on the 'house that pizza built':

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