There will be a titanic struggle between Democrats and Republicans about the committee assignment of newly elected Elizabeth Warren. By virtue of Warren's proven advocacy for the middle class and her philosophical and academic background, she should receive an automatic assignment to the Senate Banking Committee, the obvious place where she could serve America best.

Will it happen? As much as logic and, hopefully the Democratic leadership, will put Warren on the Banking Committee, Republicans with their banking and Wall Street masters want to keep her off it. Republicans rightfully fear that Warren will pry their choke-hold off the middle class and make Wall Street malefactors accountable for their economic crimes (read: jail sentences).  

The joker in the deck is how much and to what extent Democratic senators owe obeisance to Wall Street campaign money. The decision of Warren's committee assignment rests largely with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. Will he put Warren on the Banking Committee or the Committee of the Library? As always, judge our politicians on what they do (and how they vote), not on what they say. Watch and see what the Democrats and Harry Reid do.

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