Ok, now what?

That's the question isn't it?  That's the issue.  We won the Election by essentially holding our ground with the Presidency and gaining a few seats in the House & Senate.

Meanwhile the GOP is Devastated.  DEVASTATED.

Because they thought they had this in the bag.  They'd unskewed those pesky polls, they'd proven that was just more Media Bias. They'd shown that President Obama was the one trying to raid the Medicare funds, the one trying to give hands outs to all his "buddies" (wink wink nudge nudge) on Welfare without asking them to work.  They had proven he was the Redistributer-In-Chief.  His policies didn't work.  Romney had really Saved Detroit, and he would've got Bin Laden and his little dog Toto too. The Economy was in Freefall.  America's Standing in the world had never been worse.  Iran is going Nuclear Any-Minute-Now, meanwhile we're an international laughing stock with this Dumb Overrated Kenyan Muslim Communist Affirmative Action Baby in the White House.


How the Frack Did that Black Bastard Win Again? The last time was a lucky break, but again? Who FUCKED UP?  Was it Romney? Rove? What's happening to this Country.  We had the SUPERPACS!  We had the TEA PARTY!  We had our "Voter Integrity" Teams out in Force? Where did all the sane people go?


Isn't that pretty much what everyone has been saying- albiet with slightly different words- in the GOP?

But deep down they know what's happening.  "Their" America is shrinking.

"Traditional America" is falling apart.  Y'know that America - the "Leave It to Beaver" America, that only existed as long as the women-folk, the darkies and the faggots kept in their place?  The one with the 90% Top Marginal Tax Rate & GI Bill while the Magical Free Market Ruled All?  Yeah - The America that never really existed!?

They want that America BACK, and God DAMN the rest of you Fuckers for keeping it from them.

The truth is that 47% of Americans Hate, Fear and Loathe the other 51%.  They really do.  I mean they're always saying so, now we know they mean it. They fear that the Single Women Sex Crazed SLUTS who have to have their Birth Control and Abortions paid for by the Government, the Gheys, those Dirty Lazy Negros, the Muslims, and all the Illegals are Taking Over!  

"They're running wild and fucking up the place, can't you See that?

It's ALL THEIR FAULT with their ACORNs and Voting Rights Act Crap. Why can't you all Take Care of Your Own Lives and stop asking US for Shit?  Slavery's over - what did we ever do to you!??"

And so they're scared.  Really scared. They Think They Lost to INVISI-OBAMA the Foul Mouthed Punk-ass who called Mitt Romney the Bullshit Spigot - A "Bullshitter".

How Dare he!?.  That's not Presidential, y'know like telling someone "Go Fuck Yourself!" on the Senate Floor.

Oh Sure, right now they're cowed. Silent. Still in shock. Taking it in.  But soon they'll wake up, and they're going to be angry. They don't yet know what all this means, but they do know what they fear  They fear that all the people who've felt aggrieved by White Privilege, whether it was in the past or more recent - whether it was Slavery, the Trail of Tears, the Fire Bombing of Black Wall Street, the Tuskegee Experiment, Literacy Tests, Poll Taxes, Jim Crow & Lynchings, the Japanese Internment, Watts Riots, Chicago Riots, A.I.M., Bill Ayers, Bernadine Dorhn and the Weather Underground, The Black Panthers, The SLA, Squeeky Fromme, Leonard Peltier, Mumia Abu Jamal, The M.O.V.E. Bombing, Ron Settles, Rodney King, Abner Louima, Amadour Diallo, Jonny Gammage, Oscar Grant, Kendrec McDade, Trayvon Martin, Stop and Frisk or OCCUPY are now looking for some Pack Back!  They think a Reckoning Is At Hand.

They think they're next.  They think ObamaCare is a plot to implement Genocidal Reparations.  They really do - I mean seriously.

They haven't just been saying that - they mean it.  Isn't that obvious now?  Eastwood, Trump and Victoria Jackson aren't just liars - they are truly, deeply, pathologically Deluded!

And they aren't alone.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling everyone who voted against Obama and believed all the GOP BS "Racist" - I'm calling them something worse.


Cowards who have to live in a Made-Up Bubble World because they can't begin to handle the real one.

They think that world is falling apart.  They think America is Over.  Done. Finito. They realize, they could become A Minority - just like all the other minorities - and when that happens not everything is going to go their way anymore.  It's not just that they hate minorities and/or that they are bigots deep in their hearts - no, it's simply that they know being a Minority Sucks and they don't know how to handle it.

They can't stand the idea of being treated the way they know Minorities get treated.  They couldn't handle getting paid 70 cents on the dollar for doing the same job.  They couldn't handle being randomly stopped and frisked (and maybe shot) simply for being White.  They couldn't handle wondering if they might be Fired from their Job for the "Crime" of being Heterosexual.

They've been living in a completely fear based delusion - some of them for their entire lives - and now that wall has been shattered.

They don't know what's really on the other side of the wall.  They didn't want to know before, it's was far too scary to consider.

Now they have to consider it.  Some will just withdraw and wait for the "inevitable".  They did their best to stop it, now it's coming anyway.  It's not a light, it's a Train. Some will continue to fight back electorally with the fever passion of a trapped Wildcat or Wolverine.  Yes, the Tea Party will be back - trust me on that.  Some (too damn many I suspect) will grow violent and lash out murderously as scum like Brian Williams or James Adkisson have already attempted or done.

To them all's fair in "Self Defense".

The good news is that it's not nearly as bad as they think it is.  We're not quite as big a Pack of Assholes as they are. Most minorities are not out for Revenge Against Whitey.  Neither are most women.  Obama isn't going to turn America into a Socialist Anti-Colonial Wasteland.  The recovery is finally gathering steam.  Jobs are coming back.  We will, one way or another, have a solution to the Fiscal Cliff and we just might get some Energy Independence.

It's not gonna SUCK DONKEY SCOTUM as much as they think it will.

Some of them will eventually come to realize this.  A few of them just might wake up.  Maybe. But there's almost no point in trying to convince them, they don't want it to be true - they won't listen for exactly the same reason they fall for all that Ridiculous Crap that Fox News and Wingnut Radio spoon feeds them, because they don't want the opposite to be true either.

They want think that THEY - not America - THEY - are the exceptional Special Ones.  They think They Built America.  Not the Slaves and Sharecroppers who tilled the fields.  Not the Chinese who built the Railroads.  Not the Italians and Germans who built small businesses in the inner cities a century ago.  Not the Jews who stitched together the Movie Industry & the Music Industry, or the Blacks who brought us Blues, Jazz, BeBop, Rag-Time, Rock-N-Roll, Funk, Soul, Gospel and Hip-Hop.

Because if they're not special, if they're merely just like the rest of us.

What the Frack do they do then?


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