I can guess who started this game - and now it's the # 1 trend on Twitter.

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here are just a few of the tweets:

#UmightbeRushLimbaugh If you can't figure out why insulting most of America might affect the election.
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#UMightBeRushLimbaugh if the GOP is heaping praise upon you for getting them the big win in 2012. Oh wait....

#UMightBeRushLimbaugh if even the half-wits are beginning to ignore you.

#UMightBeRushLimbaugh If you think Oxycontin is Halloween candy.

#UMightBeRushLimbaugh If women marry you for the money, but decide even that is not worth it.

#UMightBeRushLimbaugh if no matter what happens you tell DittoHeads you predicted it

#UMightBeRushLimbaugh if you're a seditionist, propagandist, & spread 100% deliberate, treasonous falsehoods to those in society w/low IQs.

#UMightBeRushLimbaugh if you understand the implication of bending over & grabbing ankles better than you understand a woman's repro system.

#UMightBeRushLimbaugh if you call cops, teachers & firefighters "union thugs.

On a day when we actually heard a highly influential Tea Party lobbyist use the word "POOPY- HEAD" to describe what he thinks Obama voters thought of Mitt Romney, this game doesn't really seem so childish.

Limbaugh has been slowly becoming a pariah for everyone but a dwindling demographic of angry white men, a few women who are fishing in a pool of lonely and angry men, and Allen West.


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