Is anyone going through election withdrawal?  Cuz I am.

Here are the symptoms of Election Withdrawal that I seem to be experiencing.

1. I now sleep a full eight hours.  For about the last four weeks leading up to the election, I could not get a full night sleep.  I would sleep for maybe four, five, or six hours, but then I popped bolt upright around 5 a.m. and could not get back to sleep.  I guess this is probably because I was posting diaries on the Iowa early voting updates so I was obsessively waiting for the Iowa SOS to refresh their totals.  I now it sounds absurd to say that getting a full night's sleep is a "symptom" of anything.  But it is to me.

2. I check popular vote updates every hour it seems.  I guess I just can't get enough of this victory.  I keep hoping a really close county somewhere will flip from red to blue with the latest round of provisional ballots.  I do realize how crazy this is.  I'm trying to deal.

3. Constant checking of DailyKos and other sites to see "the latest polls."  But there are no polls!  The election is over!   AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!

4. Staring at the maps posted on uselectionatlas.org or huffington post or msnbc or wherever I can find them.  Just staring at them.  The country is so blue.  The swing states are so blue.  They look pretty that way.

5. Checking in on conservative sites from time to time in the hopes of experiencing true schadenfreude all over again.  I take absolute joy in their misery.  Is that wrong?

6.  Having the overwhelming feeling that I should be doing something.  I must do something, like phonebank, or President Obama will lose!  But wait, he's already won!  Shit!  I have nothing to do!!!

Is anyone experiencing these symptoms?  Or maybe there are symptoms that I haven't mentioned?


Are you experiencing Election Withdrawal?

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