hello, sailors, tis I, your non-mitt-based snark master.

My account was hacked today, and someone posted some libertarian POS under my name.

Now, I foolly realize that some of my positions on religion can piss people off, and I have been a topic of attacks in Colorado, where some effing preacher dedicated a sunday sermon to me, I don't even live in that state. And frankly, if you have a problem with my attacks on organized religion, amen.

But, the idea that someone stole my ID, and posted a diarrhea under my name, well, that pisses me off something fierce, especially when there was absolutely no wordplay, no snark, and no sarcasm in it! shame on that troll. and shame on her/him/itt, for doing it in the first place.

Please accept my apologies, to those who read, and were offended by the original. It was not me. When I want to offend, believe me, I am quite a bit more direct, but mainly against ultra-conservative, bible beating, bastards who hate us - - -  precisely because we have the freedom NOT to believe.

from the church of ineffable stupidity:

Pastor agnostic sinned by not changing his word of pass often enough.


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