As the freedom-seekers are so desperately trying to free themselves from our horrible Government, from taxes, and above all from government imposed healthcare, I have created a petition on WhiteHouse.gov to help them out.  LINK

I must tell you that there are more worthy petitions (e.g. ridding religious organizations of the 501(c) status when they clearly violate their obligation to not meddle in politics and on removing all foreign aid to Uganda and impose sanctions if the "Kill the Gays" bill is passed, to name a couple).

Yet I felt that we should not be complicit in denying these freedom-loving people (aka sore losers) a way out of the horrors of our Country.  Thanks to ThatPoshGirl, I already knew where the havens of freedom are for these people.

So here is the text of the petition:

We petition the obama administration to grant the wishes of freedom-seekers striving for secession to peacefully withdrawal from the United States of America.

To satisfy those petitioning for secession as this is unlawful (see TX v. White, SCOTUS 1869), we hereby request that the US Government:

A) Set aside land to accommodate them, provide them with one-way tickets to this Promised Land, and appropriate funds to fence this land from the remaining USA. The denizens of this Land will be completely free from any/all tax obligations (they will also be free from any financial support from the USA). OR, if not possible,

B) Provide funds for one-way fares to relocate these people to Indonesia, Somalia or Honduras (currently the only 3 nations that will allow these people relief from a national healthcare system). Freedom-seekers shall irrevocably give up their USA nationality/passports.

(I had a longer petition written, but they limit us to 800 words.)

So please, if you are so inclined sign in to "We the People" and sign my petition.  Thank you for your support.


Which of the havens of Freedom will be the #1 choice of secessionists?

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18%7 votes
5%2 votes
62%23 votes
8%3 votes

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