All right, that's Paul Ryan topless in the linked pic.  Too bad it is surely copyrighted as it made this boring text more interesting before I thought better of pasting it in.

We'll probably soon have the FBI Agent's photos as fast as the crumbs are being leaked around.

But the Petraeus story just gets constantly more unbelievable.

Jill Kelley, the woman who is said to have received the Paul Broadwell emails?

Asked a "friend" in the FBI to look into the matter.

That she had an FBI friend to ask at least explains how the FBI got involved in something they probably would normally ignore.

But the FBI agent is then said to have become obsessed with Jill Kelley, so much so he sent her "topless" pictures of himself.  

And then apparently (maybe to get her attention?) contacted Reichert, who contacted Cantor, who contacted Boehner.

And now has the FBI searching Paula Broadwell's house. Maybe a bit late if she has a shredder . . .


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