The Motor City Kossacks are indeed coming together. We have 17 members in the group, including me, and another 9 invited. Invitations are of course still open, so please Kosmail me or reply in the comment thread if you want one.

Our meet-up for this coming Saturday, 11/17, looks like it will be a go—although we still need to find a place. We have members coming from as far away as Lansing, Flint, Detroit and Armada, so Novi is a compromise location for this kick-off meeting. The Dave is checking into restaurants in or very near Novi that could accommodate a group of about 20, which might be a tall order for that part of town on a Saturday night. Any and all ideas are welcome (as long as it’s moderately priced & veggie-friendly); please contact me and The Dave with your suggestions. I’ve declared a 6:00 PM start time, which might help us beat the rush a little and will also allow the drivers from afar to make an early-ish evening of it.

This is what I have by way of RSVPs for Saturday so far. If I have made any errors, I apologize & request a quick correction. I am now extremely interested in getting firm numbers, so if there are spouses and/or significant others who should be on the list, this is the time to add them.

1.    peregrine kate
2.    ProvokingMeaning
3.    gregsullmich
4.    Eclectablog
5.    jennifree2bme
6.    Unit Zero
7.    mideedah
8.    surelyujest
9.    2thanks
10.    The Dave
11.    MichiganChet
1.    Neon Vincent & spouse
2.    Brainwrap
1.    DoReMI
2.    Desi
3.    fisheye
1.    khloemi
2.    Ooooh

I will bring nametags. I welcome suggestions for a good introduction method or two, and some discussion about whether we should entertain a formal agenda at all, or keep this strictly social (ha!).

I’m looking forward to this gathering and hope it’s the first of many. My thanks to everyone for being so eager to take part.

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