The Hill reports:

Democrats don’t have the 51 votes they need in the Senate to change filibuster rules that could make it harder for the GOP minority to wield power in the upper chamber.

Lawmakers leading the charge acknowledge they remain short, but express optimism they’ll hit their goal.

“I haven’t counted 51 just yet, but we’re working,” said Sen. Tom Udall (D-N.M.), a leading proponent of the so-called constitutional or “nuclear” option, in which Senate rules could be changed by a majority vote.

Even with a Republican-led House, we need the Senate to be able to hold up-and-down votes, without obstruction, on presidential appointments to cabinet posts (e.g., Susan Rice) and judicial nominations. We need to find out who to target, and then write our letters and make our calls. We can't afford to let this get away from us again.

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