Hi everyone, the holidays are fast approaching and I could use some help.

We all know many american families are struggling to stay warm, feed themselves, and pay the bills. Christmas and the thought of presents, and gifts, and all the cost associated with it can sometimes be overwhelming and even out of reach. So I, in my own teeny tiny way, want to try to help.

You see by day I'm a business software developer, but my hobby and passion has always been gaming, so several years ago on the side I started designing games with the hope of someday creating commercial quality games in which I could just give away 100% free. Not only that, I wanted to also give away professional quality CD case cover and back art, color instructions, and disc art. Basically everything needed for someone to make a professional quality game in their own home for free with no strings attached. The thought was and now is, that anyone and everyone could turn and make these games into as many gifts as they need.

 Well after a few years of hard, and to be honest quite fun development, Ive reached the point where I can now offer this to families, and so Project Reindeer Games has been launched.  http://www.projectreindeergames.org/

Now here is where I could use your help, Just let people know this exist, help spread the word. and of course feel free to play, share and give these games yourself. They are family friendly Windows based PC Games that run on just about any desktop or laptop and everything really is 100% free, there is no catch, it's just one progressive guy trying to give back a little. I cant teach piano, I don't have a bunch of money to donate, but I can do this, so I have.

Here are the the trailers for the 2 games currently available.

(the trailers look a lil better if you up the settings to 480p)

The Top Game is title "Who's Afraid of the Dark?" and is a action adventure for the younger and casual crowd

The Game trailer below is for " DR. Fink's Rush Delivery" which is an action puzzle game set in a mad scientist's lab in 1928.

so anyway there you have it.  I'll be popping back and checking in.

Happy Holidays,
Mr Big Daddy

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