I was recently on a city bus where I was accosted verbally by two young black young men who asked me what I thought about Obama winning.  The tone was confrontational.  I disarmed these two by flashing my "IBEW for Obama/Biden" pin from 2008 that I had on under my jacket and this changed the tone.  We talked briefly and I told them that many of us oldsters are scared to death about Social Security and Medicare cuts or elimination.  As a staunch union man, anything other than Obama/Biden was utterly unacceptable.

They asked about how come so many whites voted for "that Romney dude?"  I think some of it is racism, and a lot of it was Obama's capitulation in the face of Republican bluffing and plain obstructionism and I didn't hesitate to say so, even about the racism.

we parted company on good terms. Jump over the orange squiggle


Whites want to believe that all we have worked for in terms of Social Security and medical care as they get older, and I don't blame them.  But if you get a diet of Limbaugh and Fox Mooos you lose sight of this and feel its all being stolen already.

The 700 and even blown up to 800 million dollar lie about the ACA was more sucessful with swayable whites than any other whopper the Pubbies barfed up.  The non swayables were fixed already because of either percieved weakness during the first term and yes, racism in a smaller but very active bunch especially down south.

Instead of laughing at older whites I think we need to do more senior outreach, which is NOT easy for younger precienct workers.  I do my part and I know some others do some outreach, but more is needed.  To turen back Fox and the coming wave of perfumed Republican bullshi#.  Same horror, sweeter stench

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