Make videos like the one this guy did:

In short, stupid, ignorant, whiny, delusional people.  And trust me, we outnumber them. By a lot.

Most people who hate Obama with a passion aren't this crazy.  They know he isn't the antichrist.  They know there are no concentration camps.  They know that secession would lead to the elimination of their Social Security and Medicare checks.  Even the Billionaire Boys club (Kochs, Trump, Papa John) knows that secession would cause massive economic upheaval that would affect their bottom lines far more than any tax raise or the implementation of the Affordable care Act (though they will certainly continue to whine about that).  

To be blunt, the whole secession story is (apologies to those who don't like bad puns) a tempest in a teapot.

Now, can we stop with the  secession diaries.  They serve no purpose other than to distract us.  I guarantee President Obama hasn't given a single thought to the story.  We should follow his lead.

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