"A survey by VPRC, an independent polling company, put the party's support at 14 percent in October, compared with the seven percent it won in June's election."

"Violent behavior by Golden Dawn members, who often stroll through run-down Athens neighborhoods harassing immigrants, seems to boost rather than hurt the party's standing."

"We operate like a well-organized army unit, because the military is the best institution in any country."  -Mihaloliakos once praised Hitler and denied the Nazi gas chambers existed.

All lifted straight from the article.  It's an important read.


Another banking crisis, another century.  The EU was founded as a reaction to wars of the past, but has re-engineered the social crises of the early 20th century on a smaller scale in the south of Europe.  NAZIs and banking.  I'm not suggesting intention.  But cause I cannot help but see.  In the absence of debt as the primary ordering parameter in society, in international relations, could they have ever risen?  What context but poverty amidst wealth could create this kind of unreasoning hate?

My one consolation's that the far left party outnumbers the support the facsists get by a large factor.  But the fascists have never needed all THAT much popular support.  They just needed guns.  The police work closely with them.



Here both the party and police work together in a coordinated attack on a peaceful anti-fascist demonstration.  This is why the anarchists in greece generally turn out ready to burn things down and create chaos in the streets instead of peacefully holding signs: so they can escape.


And history repeats itself.  As it always will.  Until we get rid of the goddamn banks as determiners of social policy.

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