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Pessimistic about the election not having changed anything?

If you're like me, you woke up the day after the 2012 election results and felt happy that those who have been irrationally demonizing President Obama for four years...failed. But then, later, if you're like me, you also realized that, after an avalanche of money (more than four billion dollars, including Super PAC money, according to most accounts), all of the time, energy, effort and resources spent, we, basically, ended up with things pretty much as they were, with a Democrat in the White House, Republican-led House and Democratic-led Senate.

Well, the following article might make you feel a little bit better that we did more than just spend all of that energy to maintain the status quo:


It is somewhat ironic that an election involving four to six billion dollars, much of it secret corporate Super PAC money, resulted in things appearing to be pretty much the same as before. But those results
may have paved the way for change.

And let me add one more thought as to why these “status quo” election results may, in fact, help break us out of the status quo: with President Obama no longer facing reelection, there is no longer any reason for Republicans to go out of their way to demonize him at every turn. They, hopefully, can turn their attention to helping to improve their respective parties' images in the minds of voters and away from their obsession with trying to deny President Obama a second term.

Plus, the President seems to have aggressively pivoted from the election to asserting his newfound political capital immediately.

This this gives cause for a bit of optimism.

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