Scientists are studying the effects of marijuana upon completing tasks. The study is expected to be completed in 5-10 years, maybe.

Colorado. If you ruin weed legalization for everybody, you're kicked out of the country.

Apparently it's not ok to call 911 when you've lost your tv remote. Even if the tv is stuck on the Tonight Show.

I'm just 16 year old me making harder decisions.

I love how some folks think our military is the best in the world, yet there's still no way they could ever come and take their guns.

If a gorgeous woman can destroy a four star general, what chance do you think you got?

I like to think I'm about 116,238,778th in line to be President. A man's got to have dreams.

Coins are afraid of drowning in a watery grave at the hands of a wishful murderer.


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