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We've all heard about the wacky petitions on the White House website, but I've created one I think you'll like. It asks the administration to draft and send to Congress proposed legislation to set uniform standards for all federal elections.

As you all know, our elections are a mess. We've got lines that are too long, we've got conflicting poll closing times, and we've got states that can't seem to figure out how to count ballots. Then we've got the big problems. There's discriminatory identification requirements, there's inconsistent (and, apparently, ever-changing) early voting periods, and there are issues with how states are handling voter registration.

Here's the petition:

Here's some more information about this petition:

We urge the Obama administration to prepare and submit to Congress a statute to specify and guarantee uniform standards for the conduct of federal elections.

The most recent election day showed again that the U.S. system for  
conducting elections of the president and vice president and members of  
Congress is in disarray. Among the states there are widely varying early  
voting periods and access to mail-in ballots. There are states with  
identification requirements and states without such requirements. Even among  
states with identification requirements, there are conflicting criteria as to  
what constitutes a valid identification. There is no uniform standard for  
reliability and security that must be met by vendors of electronic voting  
machines and no uniform poll closing time in the various states. A federal  
statute that governs the conduct of election of federal officers would be an  
effective response to the repeated chaos in our elections.

You can find the petition here:


Thanks for reading, considering, signing, and sharing this petition with others.

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