I'm sorry, but I do not have a lot of time here, but I wanted to share what newspapers in Israel are reporting -- and before anyone asks, "no, I am not an anti-Semite." I just happen to view Bibi Netanyahue the same way I view Dick Cheney, both warmongers -- and before anyone asks, "no, I am not an anti-America either."


November 14, 2012:
Israeli newspaper Haaretz reported:
"Israel launched a military operation in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday"
   Reuters reports
Panicking civilians ran for cover and the death toll mounted quickly. Ten people including three children were killed, the health ministry said, and about 40 were wounded. Also among the dead were an 11-month-old baby and a woman pregnant with twins.

Army tanks shelled border areas of Gaza in south and the Israeli navy shelled a Hamas security position from the sea.

Common Dreams website reports:
At least 15 Palestinians, including four children, have been killed and 150 injured since the Israelis began attacking the Gaza Strip after assassinating a Hamas commander.
     At the time Bibi Netanyahu "launched" the attack against Palestine, he said it was because the elected leaders alleged "terrorists" had lobbed rockets into Israel throughout the year.  In the Wednesday attack, an alleged "terrorist" leader was killed -- but that did not stop Bibi from continuing this current war with Palestine.  Why?  He got his man so why not stop the fighting?

      Today, the Haaretz reported this:

Israeli ambassadors around the world were instructed to deliver a message to the presidents, prime ministers and foreign ministers of the countries in which they serve, stating Israel will consider partial or full cancellation of the Oslo Accords if the United Nations General Assembly adopts the resolution to upgrade the status of Palestine to that of a non-member observer state in the organization.
     The report goes and describes the depth of the anger from Bibi, via Bibi's Foreign Minister.
Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman held three days of meetings in Vienna with the Israeli ambassadors to the European Union nations, and the cable to all ambassadors was sent out on Sunday at the end of the meetings. Lieberman, who spent over 12 hours with the ambassadors over the weekend, told them they must respond harshly to the Palestinian initiative in the UN, up to and including forcing the collapse of the Palestinian Authority. But Lieberman did say: "Under no circumstances can we harm the Palestinian civilian population."
          The Haaretz explains that Bibi's Administration views a UN upgrade of Palestine's status as ultimately being "a declaration of war."
    Monday evening, Netanyahu held a meeting with a number of his senior ministers to deal with the issue Israel fears the most: a scenario in which Palestine's new status as a non-member state would allow it to be accepted as a member of the International Criminal Court of the UN in the Hague and demand Israel and its leaders be tried for war crimes. Israel is not a member of the International Criminal Court, and as a result its decisions do not obligate Israel. But a prosecution against Israel or senior Israeli officials in the international court could initiate a wave of criminal proceedings against Israel around the world and encourage the implementation of various economic sanctions against Israel, such as a ban on imports from the settlements.

     During the meeting with Netanyahu, Lieberman and Finance Minister Yuval Steinitz said the Palestinian approach to the International Criminal Court would be "a declaration of war," which would require Israel to respond even more strongly than the Palestinian initiative in the General Assembly.

    Why is Bibi so worried that he might be accused of being a war criminal?  Does Bibi think he is a war criminal?  

      Hmmmm ... well, actually, Bibi just might think he is a war criminal and it's because of a 2001 video that he did not know was being recorded.

      Bibi knows there is a 2001 video, that surfaced in 2010, where Bibi says he intentionally destroyed the Oslo Accords, spoke of his intentions to annihilate the Palestinian Authority through bombings.  And the video shows Bibi explaining how easy it is to get the world to support his invasions on Palestine.  

    In 2001 a family video-taped Bibi Netanyahu's visit with them.  

      In 2010 Jerusalem Post reported on a 2001 video of Bibi Netanyahu.  In the video, Bibi admitted that through his, Bibi's, intentional lies and deceit, he and he alone is responsible for the failure of the Oslo Accord.

BIBI: "They asked me before the election if I'd honour [the Oslo accords]. I said I would, but ... I'm going to interpret the accords in such a way that would allow me to put an end to this galloping forward to the 1967 borders. How did we do it? Nobody said what defined military zones were. Defined military zones are security zones – as far as I'm concerned the entire Jordan Valley is a defined military zone ... Why does this matter? ... Because at that moment I actually stopped the Oslo Accord."

~Bibi Netanyahu in 2001

      Bibi then went on to explain that he knows how to manipulate the world, including America, in his attempts to get rid of Palestines.
BIBI: "The main thing, first of all, is to hit them [Palestinians]. Not just one hit, so many painful its that the price will be to heavy to be borne. The price is not too heavy to be borne, now. A broad attack on the Palestinian Authority. To bring them to the point of being afraid that everything is collapsing."

       "The world won’t say a thing. The world will say we’re defending.  Especially today, with America, I know what America is. America is a thing you can move very easily, move it in the right direction. They [America] won’t get their way. They won’t get in our way. They won’t get in our way.”

~Bibi Netanyahu in 2001

    And what is it that America wants that Bibi does not?  Answer: For decades, America has wanted peace in the region by negotiating a two-state solution.  

     What did Bibi mean when he said, "They won't get in our way?" ... our way ... Did he mean they won't get in his way of destroying Palestinians?  

     Did Bibi mean "They" won't get in his way of "hitting them" with so much "pain" - like the current war he "launched" where yesterday 11month old, 6year old and teenage Palestinian children were getting killed by Bibi's bombs?  

     As I said above, I am not Anti-Semite, not in the least, but I do loathe Bibi just as I loathe Dick Cheney.  I long for the day that Israel elects a Prime Minister like Yitzhak Rabin who actually negotiated and signed the Oslo Accords, which granted self-government to Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied Gaza Strip and West Bank.

     I would also like to remind everyone that when Prime Minister Rabin signed the Oslo Accords, many people inside Israel and all over the world saw the Accords as advancing the cause of peace between Israel and Palestine.

     This is the end of my Diary.  Click here to see the 2001 video and read below for translation of the video.

      I embedded the 2001 Video of Bibi and below that put the Translation.  The video was translated by Dena Shunra, a Hebrew/English translator.

Netanyahu: Are you starting to understand what the slogan “Judea and Samaria are right here”? What does Arafat want? He wants one big settlement. It’s called “Tel Aviv"

Woman: Yes, that’s what my daughter in law, who comes from England, that what she says: “Tel Aviv is a settlement too.”

Netanyahu: As far as they’re concerned, I think, our territorial waters are also their?

Netanyahu: The fact is that they want us in the sea, yes, but over there in the sea [points aside]. The Arabs are currently focusing a war of terror and they think it will break us. The main thing, first of all, is to hit them. Not just one hit, so many painful its that the price will be to heavy to be borne. The price is not too heavy to be borne, now. A broad attack on the Palestinian Authority. To bring them to the point of being afraid that everything is collapsing.

Woman: They’re not afraid, they’re making fun of us. They shoot into our settlement and make fun of us.

Netanyahu: Fear that everything is collapsing. That’s what leads them to… [makes a hand motion]

Woman: wait a moment, but then the world will say “how come you’re conquering again?”

Netanyahu: the world won’t say a thing. The world will say we’re defending.

Woman: Aren’t you afraid of the world, Bibi?

Netanyahu: the world won’t say a thing. The world will say we’re defending.

Netanyahu: Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right correction.

Child: They say they’re for us, but, it’s like…

Netanyahu: They won’t get in our way. They won’t get in our way.

Child: On the other hand, if we do some something?

Netanyahu: So let’s say they say something. So they said it! They said it!
80% of the Americans support us. It’s absurd we have that kind of support and we say “what will we do with the…” look. That administration was extremely pro-Palestinian. I wasn’t afraid to maneuver there. I was not afraid to clash with Clinton.
I was not afraid to clash with the United Nations. I was paying the price anyway, I preferred to receive the value. Value for the price.

Child: But never mind that we gave them things,  and we can’t take them back. Because they won’t give them back to us.

Netanyahu (holds his and to stop him from speaking): first of all, first of all Oslo is a system – you’re right. A, I don’t know what can be taken and can’t be taken.

Woman: he has political opinions, believe me.

Netanyahu: He’s right.

Woman: He said such things to Arik Sharonthat I told him: that’s not – that’ not a child’s opinion. The Oslo Accords are a disaster.

Netanyahu: Yes. You know that and I knew that.

Woman: Fine, so I thought that…

Netanyahu: The people [nation] has to know.

Woman: Right. But I thought that the prime minister did know, and that he’d do everything so that, somehow, not to do critical things, like handing over Hebron, that…

Netanyahu: What were the Oslo Accords? The Oslo Accords, which the Knesset signed,
I was asked, before the elections: “Will you act according to them?” and I answered: “yes, subject to mutuality and limiting the retreats.” “But how do you intend to limit the retreats?”  “I’ll give such interpretation to the Accords that will make it possible for me to stop this galloping to the ’67 [armistice] lines. How did we do it?

Narrator: The Oslo Accords stated at the time that Israel would gradually
hand over territories to the Palestinians in three different pulses, unless the territories
in question had settlements or military sites. This is where Netanyahu found a loophole.

Netanyahu: No one said what defined military sites. Defined military sites,
I said, were security zones. As far as I’m concerned, the Jordan Valley is a defined military site.

Woman: Right [laughs]. The Beit She’an settlements. The Beit She’an Valley.

Netanyahu: How can you tell. How can you tell? But then the question came up of just who would define what Defined Military Sites were. I received a letter –
to me and to Arafat, at the same time – which said that Israel, and only Israel,
would be the one to define what those are, the location of those military sites and their size.  Now, they did not want to give me that letter, so I did not give the Hebron Agreement.  I stopped the government meeting, I said: “I’m not signing.” Only when the letter came, in the course of the meeting, to me and to Arafat, only then did I sign the Hebron Agreement. Or rather, ratify it, it had already been been signed. Why does this matter? Because at that moment I actually stopped the Oslo Accord.

Woman: And despite that, one of our own peope, excuse me, who knew it was a swindle, and that we were going to commit suicide with the Oslo Accord, gives them – for example – Hebron. I never understood that.

Netanyahu: Indeed, Hebron hurts. It hurts. It’s the thing that hurts. One of the famous rabbis, whom I very much respect, a rabbi of Eretz Yisrael, he said to me: “What would your father say?”  I went to my father. Do you know a little about my father’s positions?

Woman: Yes.

Netanyahu: My father is…

Child: No. [laughs]

Woman: He’ll read in a little while.

Netanyahu: He’s not exactly a lily-white dove, as they say. So my father heard the question and said: “Tell the rabbi that your grandfather, Rabbi Natan Milikowski, was a smart Jew. Tell him it would be better to give two percent than to give a hundred percent. And that’s the choice here. You gave two percent and in that way you stopped the withdrawal. Instead of a hundred percent.” The trick is not to be there and break down. The trick is to be there and pay a minimal price.

Woman: May you say that as prime minister.

Netanyahu: In my estimate that will happen.

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