Why do I keep saying this over and over, because it needs to be the reminder of a Nation that sent it's Military back into two more wars of choice, Afghanistan became when the country cheered with the first drum beat pointed at Iraq thus Abandoning the Main Missions of why we sent the Military into that region, and the long occupations, again, from!

Especially when those who cheered the loudest, fully supported everything that was done by the bush administration and those tepub congresses and the obstruction since, ignored what the rest of us were saying and now are signing 'petitions' to secede from the once United States, now that's 'flag waving troop supporting patriotism' tain't it! And when the comments they speak show no remorse for the saying of and little to no condemnation from the ranks!

'Gifts', so that's what the Country calls it's Responsibility: "Romney attributes loss to 'gifts' Obama gave minorities"

The Romney said it, and the Military and Veterans Communities are Minorities in this country. But the representative Ryan believes exactly that as do any still putting that (R) following their names, no matter who tries to distance themselves from. Ryan is still in Congress and already starting to go aggressively towards his and their goals, cut, cut, cut, and then privatize, which will cost tons more of the peoples treasury, all they can after the cuts create huge problems that can't be overcome but made easier to sell that privatization, it's already started long ago.

And with the continuing talk of Taxes especially as to the wealthy, who many if not all made added wealth either directly or through investments in these two wars and the defense industry, called 'job creators', who haven't created the whole decade plus they've had their huge cuts.

The Country hasn't stood up and demanded it Sacrifice, especially  through it's representatives, and sadly that will continue, for over a  decade now added to the previous decades of underfunding it's  Responsibility the Veterans Administration!

These present wars nor results of, DeJa-Vu all over again,  haven't been paid for! Deficits started rising Before 9/11 as surplus left was quickly depleted and costs of are still added to same as are the those decades long term costs as to the results of these wars once again!

Caregivers of U.S. veterans bear scars of war
November 12, 2012 - Brannan Vines' husband, her high school sweetheart, was once the man she leaned on when times were tough. That all changed after Caleb Vines returned from two deployments in Iraq, having sustained injuries in multiple improvised explosive device blasts.

"He was not only dealing with PTSD, but he was also dealing with traumatic brain injury, which very much changes somebody's personality," Brannan says.

Since 2007, Brannan has been Caleb's sole caretaker, dealing with her husband's night tremors, erratic mood swings and the physical injuries that have left him permanently disabled. At the same time, she's trying to shield her 6-year-old daughter. Brannan says it's left her with scars of her own.

"I was having nightmares about Iraq -- a place I've never been, other than in pictures and that kind of thing," she says. "I got to where I didn't like crowded places, just like my husband. It was all these sorts of things where, literally, I was almost mirroring his behavior."

Brannan's behavior has been recognized by the Department of Veterans Affairs as Secondary Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. read more>>>

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