It looks like the right is blaming Mitt Romney for the resounding defeat of the Republican Party in the national elections. But the truth is, Mitt was not the problem. The right wing money machine had a number of candidates they could get behind in the Republican primary. They chose Mitt and they chose the message. Mitt did everything he was supposed to do and said everything he was supposed to say. And he probably did it better than any of the other Republican candidates would have.

The mistake the right-wing billionaires made is that they thought they could get a large portion of white voters to identify with Mitt and to identify with the message Mitt was ordered to deliver. Boy, were they wrong. The message they crafted was that America was "taken from" Americans, hence the the "Take Back America" slogan. And of course the Americans it was taken from was supposed to be white Americans.  The message was, "we have a black President because black and latino Americans put him there and so, come on white America, let's take it back."  What doomed this strategy wasn't that blacks and latinos  rejected it and rejected Mitt, they were never the target of the message and were expected to reject it. What doomed this strategy was that almost half of white voters also rejected it.  Half of "white America" identified more closely with Barack Obama and his message than they did with Mitt Romney and the right wing message.  The right wing billionaires crafted a message that was intended to alienate blacks and latinos but was expected to deliver to the Republican party 60% or more of the white vote. It didn't. They chose the message, they chose the candidate, and they chose wrong.

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