While I like the idea of an actual filibuster coming back and forcing those who would filibuster an action in the senate to actually stand on the floor the whole time, I don't think it's really enough. Seems to me there should be some other limits on the filibuster. Basically I'd like to see limits on how often it can be used by either party in any given year. Ending the one-senator holds is an obvious thing to do, but even as a party, there should be a limit of say 10 or 20 times a year when the filibuster could be used. It could even have a decreasing vote limit to override the filibuster and proceed.

As an example:

The GOP starts the 2013 session with 20 filibusters requiring a 60 vote limit to override and proceed. After they have used 2 the required number of votes to proceed drops to 59. After 2 more 58 until finally after 18 uses the number of votes to proceed is 51.

These numbers are just off the top of my head, but it would force both sides to actually think about when and where they use their privileges and thus allow the Senate to actually get some work done. Obviously this would require the Parliamentarian to keep score and track the use of the filibuster by both parties and that would require the group leader to actually announce to they are using one of their stoppages. It would also then require each caucus to actually work together and shut down a lot of rogue filibusters.

There would also have to be rules too prevent the majority party from renaming/working a bill to force the other side to burn their filibuster count. Perhaps based on budgetary costs thus preventing the majority party from taking a major bill that has been filibustered, tacking it on as a rider to a small meaningless bill and calling for another vote. The Parliamentarian or CBO could be the judges on these matters, but I'd leave the details to those who know the inner workings far better than I do.

For me this seems like such a common sense suggestion I am surprised I haven't read about it, though for all I know other diarists have suggested it and I have missed it.

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