It is up to us to support the people we elected this year.  We need stay involved. Social media allows us to share information with people all over the country and this election demonstrated that by sharing information so easily we can have an effect on candidates across the country.  


With that in mind.....

New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte (R-NH) was interviewed by Andrea Mitchell this afternoon. (video below) She was asked to explain her comments regarding Amb. Susan Rice during a press conference with Lindsey Graham and John McCain. The three senators parroted the rhetoric that has been perfectly honed for angry Republicans by the Fox-Rush-O'Reilly group.  

The truth is that Rice was given talking points from the CIA. She relied on the CIA's information and it seems clear now that she was sharing that information as given to her.

But these comments also call into question Senator Ayotte, Graham, and McCain's knowledge about how our country's agencies work together and who is responsible for what. Why are these three senators on the armed services committee if they are going to work against the efforts of our armed services? Why do they remain in office? When are their terms up?

Senator Ayotte's term is up in 2016.

We need to let these people know that we are watching, we know when they will be running for re-election and that we promise to get involved in those elections regardless of where we live if they continue to block efforts to move our country forward in the direction we chose when we stepped into the voting booth.  

I sent a message to NH Senator Kelly Ayotte today:(you can too by following this link):

I certainly hope that you will honor the President's nomination for Secretary of State, and if his choice is Susan Rice, that you respect and support her.

The Fox-Rush-O'Reilly audience may buy your criticisms of Rice and her handling of the information she had at the time she was on Sunday morning shows, but we know that the way the GOP machine is describing her comments is misleading and are educating our friends who haven't already educated themselves.

We understand what Rice's actual role or lack there of, was in the whole situation.  It is so upsetting to see the GOP use the deaths of Americans, including Glen Doherty of MA, to advance an agenda. You are clearly taking advantage of the suffering of others.

Please understand that there are many outside of your own circle and beyond the borders of NH, who can effect your election in 2016.

There are a lot of people following each and every Republican member of Congress.

In MA, many of us traveled to NH this past election to participate in grassroots campaigns. We are ready to do that again for each election, including yours in 2016.

We must make contact with each and every Congressman/woman and Senator about these issues, from confirming the President's Cabinet choices, to the "fiscal cliff" resolutions, and remind them that we are still here and we paying attention.

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