The Barber Campaign just released a memo - via the tucson weekly
Confirming my previous prediction

Campaign manager Jessica Floyd details the following reasons for believing they will win

1. The trend is clear: every day, Barber's lead grows. (Barber has gained over 1700 vote margin since the election)
2.  Ballot count
   a) Counting is Complete In Cochise County (McSally stronghold)
    b) Only Ballots remaining are Provisional ballots in Pima County (which historically favor Democrats)
3. Desperate Measures from the GOP show they think they are losing

in the AZ-08 special election of June 2012, Barber won provisional ballots with 59.75 percent, while he won the overall vote in Pima County by 53.5 percent....

Campaigns that are confident of winning do not go to court and ask judges to stop votes from being counted. This attempt to cherry-pick which votes get counted and which do not shows that McSally and her backers in Washington and Phoenix are desperate, and that they expect McSally to lose once all the votes are counted.


Originally posted to biscobosco on Thu Nov 15, 2012 at 01:41 PM PST.

Also republished by Baja Arizona Kossacks.

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