I just had to do it.

When it hit me that we won, we reallyreally won, my obsessive poll hunting had transformed into a new hobby.

GOP Sad.

To those who don't like gloating, I'm sorry, but after years of listening to these people talk about our president like he was an impostor it made ME feel like an impostor. It made me feel defenseless, sad for my country. Every unfair, racist, ignorant blow against President Obama felt like a blow to my gut.

Now they can eat it.

SadRepublicans.com is my new hobby. I'll be updating it as often as I stumble on new pictures of our fellow Americans getting slapped upside the head with the voice of our nation. I'm going to have fun with the angst, the hollering, the infighting, the general chaos.

And I'm going to volunteer for 2014 races.

I'm going to have my president's back.

I'm going to do everything I can to make sure I'll be able to update SadRepublicans.com with fresh pictures and videos every election year until the GOP is a reasonable party again, or until I'm dead.

Enjoy! This is fuuuuuuuuuun!

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