Yes, I know.  I retired from teaching in June.

Yesterday I got a phone call.  There is a non-profit charter middle school in DC that serves a very poor clientele with many of the students several years behind in their reading and math skills.  The woman in charge of academics for this and the sister high school was my first principal and mentor.  They need a 7th grade social studies teacher for the rest of the year.   The dean of the middle school is the parent of three children I taught in AP Government in the school at which i was for most of my career.  

These are children very much in need.

These are children who deserve help.

These are children who do not necessarily take school seriously.

These are truly children at risk.

It is a challenging task to take on.

It will stretch me.

It will probably - almost certainly - mean I will not be around here as much as I have been recently.

It is daunting, but an exciting opportunity.

Wish me well.


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