N. Charleston, SC- Protesters will gather on Black Friday Nov. 23. near the Tanger Outlet Mall Walmart from 10 am—12 noon as part of an international day of strikes and protests against the retailer.  The demonstration will be held at the corner of Center Point Drive and Tanger Outlet Blvd, Across from the Center Point WalMart in North Charleston, SC.

Those interested are invited to join South Carolinians and an international movement to compel Walmart to transform its corporate culture to one which promotes human happiness and dignity including fair pay and benefits for its employees, commitment to US and locally manufactured goods, and increased opportunities for secure, full time
employment for its workers.

On Black Friday activists associated with http://makingchangeatwalmart.org/ and other organizations will protest and strike against Walmart worldwide.

The North Charleston protest will be a safe and legal demonstration, conducted with notice to law enforcement.  Arrests are not anticipated.

The protest location is near a stop served by the CARTA #11 & #104 bus lines.  Please use transit if you can.  Demonstrators should not park in the Walmart Parking lot.

There is a Facebook event signup with further information http://tinyurl.com/... or one may call Tel 843 870-5299.

Some participants will gather at the IHOP nearby at 9 am for Breakfast.


A printable PDF flyer promoting this protest can be downloaded at https://docs.google.com/...

2:53 PM PT: This event is now listed on the national action site- http://www.corporateactionnetwork.org/..._

2:53 PM PT: This event now listed on the national action site

Tue Nov 20, 2012 at 7:13 AM PT: Met with N. Charleston police Monday about Friday protest at Tanger Walmart & Sam's Club in N. Charleston.  Also visited the Walmart and gave the manager some basic information on the action.  Everyone was very professional and polite.  I believe we're prepared for a safe and effective act of public witness from 10 am to 12 noon.  Not everyone want's to sign up and we expect some people to participate "off the book" to maintain their privacy.  Everyone in the Tanger area seems to know about the protest, which is remarkable.  We did a short interview on WTMA as well yesterday, which probably got the local right wing riled up.

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