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There is a big deal in America today over whether the American people were 'mislead' about the terrorist attack on the Consolate (not embassy) in Benghazi in which 10 Libyans and 4 Americans were murdered.

I have a question for Americans especially to answer.  

Please read under the curly thing.

The media I read was not in English about the terrorist attack on the Benghazi Consolate, and actually described from witnesses what happened.  I wish I could find it in English, but I can't, but it seems to be the same account that is being presented to American's now by those in the 'intelligence' agencies.

What was described in the press that I read was that 4 vehicles with armed men broke though a barrier (gate is the better translated word) and focused an attack on a building (something like a cafeteria) within the compound.  They killed the workers, all of them Libyan civilians, and then launched the attack on the building where the Americans were murdered from this point.

The Americans who were murdered locked themselves in a (room...dont know how to translate this, but much like a safe) and died from inhaling smoke form the fire, although two of them were rescued by Libyans before they died and taken to hospital.

According to witnesses, the attack took place in the EARLY MORNING , and there were no protests at the time, or ever in front of this compound.

To my recalling, Candidate Romney was the first person to 'link' falsely the terrorist attack in Benghazi to the vile excuse for a film demeaning Islam by using a person's desperate plea for calm, has he or she was trapped inside a building in Cairo Egypt with an angry mob outside chanting, burining and destorying property, and threateneing to take lives for political gain against Obama...which in itself is a horried act.

Just to make clear...if Americans were exposed to more media than the western variety, they would have known what the rest of the world knew all along...and what they are learning now.


my question for Americans is...Why is Susan Rice being scapegoated for reading bullet points in order to protect intelligence, and allow those who attacked and murdered 14 people to be brought to justice quickly...and Condi Rice and Colin Powell not be held to the same fire that thier words brought a costly war, the murder, displacement, and disinfrancisement of hundreds of thousands of people, the tarnishing of the ideals of America, and its founding values, and the hatred of millions toward Americans and westerners in general.

Somehow, I dont see Susan Rice harming anyone, or leading to war purposely, but I do see that (especially) Condi Rice and Colin Powell purposely lying to lead the rally for war and in my opinion are guilty of the crimes against humanity they caused to happen...due to thier purposeful rally to war based on a lie.

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