The Arizona CD02 election has been too close to call, but at least one paper is saying that the winner is Ron Barber - Gabby Giffords' campaign manager, also wounded in that shooting.

From The Republic

The race for the 2nd Congressional District had been too close to call for 10 days, but on Friday an Arizona Republic analysis determined that McSally would not be able to muster enough votes from the remaining uncounted ballots to surpass the thin lead Barber had held in recent days.
McSally could not be reached for comment late Friday, but her campaign scheduled a news conference for 2 p.m. Saturday.

Barber also could not be reached, but on Friday night a campaign adviser, Rodd McLeod, told The Republic that he planned to make a statement Saturday.

This would make Arizona's Congressional representation more Democratic than Republican.

I (or others) will post updates as they come in.


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