Here are some of my latest posts on SadRepublicans.com I'm having more fun than Romney bullying the pool boy, folks! Drop on by for a daily dose of Schadenfreude, GOP STYLE!

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Lady on the left gonna bite someone. Lady on the right gonna go in the attic and dig out some Cabbage Patch dolls.

Biff, Chad, Brynn and Piper are NOT happy.

Posted without comment. Hahahahahahahahahahaha. Sorry.

H&R Blocks across the country opened their strip mall offices to GOP Victory Parties.

I believe this is the moment where millions of sphincters across America tightened in the blink of an eye. Perfectly captured here by a photographer to whom I owe, at the very least, a drink.

President Obama does NOT think SadRepublicans is funny...

“At least they can’t take away my 4pm Twinkie.”


I couldn’t tell if this was a GOP election center or a Pokemon Master Match for a second there.

“I hate you so much.”
“I hate you more.”
“47% more?”
“Let go of me, marathon man.”

She just ate her husband.

“Dad? Hey Dad! Daaaaaaaaaad! What does ‘Obama wins re-election’ mean, Dad? DaaaaaaaAAAAAAaaaaad?!”

And my favorite! Eat her pain. Smoooooth.

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