I hope the Utah Daily Kos fans will join.  Perhaps we can start with a Holiday Meet Up.

Inspired by Navajo's great diary today

New Day * - 3 Regions Meeting For 1st Time, 40 Kossacks in MeatSpace Today! ATTN: North Carolina!

Navajo mentioned she would make us a banner.  I like this photo, what do you think?

Salt Lake City

I thought, what the heck, I can give this a try.  So the Daily Group was launched:

Salt Lake City Kossacks

The URL is SLCBeeKos

Because I believe we can step forward and join other like-minded Utahns.

I sent out some invitations; however, I got lots of error messages, so if I missed you please don't put any meaning on that, K?

Like my dad taught me "People are meaning making machines" meaning that we put meaning on how people/life show up.  Sometimes we misinterpret the meaning.  How I miss dad and his wisdom.

Anyway, I searched for user names with the words UTAH and SLC and did my best.  

May I share that joining groups has been difficult for me.  I feel socially clumsy and have a tendency to blurt having been raised in very outspoken New England by two very outspoken parents.  There was no "reading between the lines" in our house!  Having been in Utah now for almost 20 years, I have learned to be more.....what word....pensively subtle.

That said, it is more difficult living in a town where perhaps 10% of the people are politically active, and of those, perhaps 1% are Democrats.  The feelings of isolation are beginning to get to me, quite frankly, and it would be very wonderful to be part of a group of politically active Dems in this area.  

And of course I have to step over a life-time of social insecurity, although no one would ever suspect this because I can be very out going.  Quite frankly, I confuse myself LOL.

So, with no real agenda, no expectations, and a heartful of love for all who care about the needs of others, I invite you and your friends to join the Salt Lake City Kossacks group.

Perhaps, after a few meetups, we can do some good together....or just have some fun and good conversations.  And food.  

I guess the way this works now is I am the administrator and have to invite people to join.

If you are interested and can find the same courage I am mustering to do so, please drop a note below and I will send you the invitation, K?

I sure hope you do!  Who knows what we might learn and/or accomplish?

Originally posted to War on Error on Sat Nov 17, 2012 at 12:04 PM PST.

Also republished by Salt Lake City Kossacks and Pink Clubhouse.

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