Already smarting from losing to John Boehner's choice for #4 GOPher in the House, Tom Price went on CNN this morning and demonstrated why he doesn't seem to believe the Republicans have lost the upper hand Excerpts below the Socialist tangerine beignet:

Rep. Tom Price (R-GA) said Sunday on CNN's "State of the Union" that a deficit-reduction deal should not raise taxes but can increase revenue through "pro-growth" reforms.
Of course, you're talking about tax policy that lifts up the middle class and lower middle class, so they can feel like they've got a shot at the Americam Dream, right?


Host Candy Crowley pressed the conservative congressman on what he means by tax revenue.

"Tax revenue -- which means broadening the base, lowering the rates, closing the loopholes, limiting the deductions, limiting the credits, and making certain that we identify the appropriate spending reductions so that we have, indeed, a balanced approach," he said.


In other words, make sure those awful liberal freeloaders who "aren't paying taxes" (except on their paychecks, where they're having taxes taken out of their earnings) should have to pay taxes, so they can protest about the taxes you've just made them pay? And, of course, "lowering the rates" doesn't apply to the freeloaders, because their current rate is (GASP!) "zero."

Price said "tax increases to chase ever higher spending is a fool's errand," instead calling for a "process of tax reforms and spending reductions."
In short, let's do the right thing: Make the freeloaders pay their fair share, lower the rates for the real patriots who create jobs (in China, India and Vietnam) and find some "appropriate spending reductions" that don't involve anything to do with the military! You know -- the way President Romney wants to do it, and the way a majority of Americans voted for us to do it!



They DIDN'T?!?

Repeat after me, Rep. Price: "Elections have consequences..."

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