Our Best Turnout Ever

     Here's the sign-in sheet. We had a dozen DKos usernames, but with friends, kids and spouses we were nearly twenty. The venue, Casa Vicente, was chosen back in beautiful October, during a meeting of the Central Committee of the VKP(b)* one Wednesday evening at The Shanty. I thought it was pretty cool the way the rest of it came together in the comment thread of the Election Results Liveblog. Everything went according to plan, with the exception of an unfortunate event involving your humble narrator towards the end of the evening. The food was delicious, if a tad pricey, and the conversation was outstanding. This is always the case when Kossacks get together and I daresay that such a collection of brilliance has never been gathered at one table since Thomas Jefferson dined alone. Join us below for Flamenco music and photos from this historic event.

                                                            * - Virtual Kossack Party (baja)

Una CanciĆ³n Gitana

A Gypsy song, to enjoy as you browse the pics.

The Photos

near table - DaNang65's friend, sneakers563 (gesturing), Dorothy 563 (with binkie), Mrs. 563
standing - Empty Vessel, LandruBek, whataboutbob
large table -  clockwise from ramara (reading menu), tytalus, Mrs. Zello, ItsaMathJoke, cosmic debris, rasbobbo

The Belle of the Ball, Dorothy 563, with parents. Is that a happy family, or what ?


LandruBek elaborates

ItsaMathJoke has a laugh

cosmic debris brings it

Empty Vessel and ramara.
Empty Vessel's take on Immigration Reform, "We welcome our new Mexican overlords!"

tytalus looking stern

Those shrimp look delish, no ?

rasbobbo's Garlic Chicken

There was music

Your Humble Narrator

In conclusion

      Let me say to all the Baja Kossacks that I had a helluva' time and look forward to the next one. It is an honor to serve as your Party Secretary.

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